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An exclusive Indian cooking program for adults, singles, couples and parents with the benefit of brushing up your English. Kids from 2–16 in company are welcome, too.

“Dining with one’s friends and beloved family is certainly life’s primal and most important delight, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal“ Julia Child

So come on your own and make friends or bring your beloved families and friends to be part of an unforgettable experience – where you will smell the spices and herbs, chop and stir, know the secret ingredients, learn the tricks, sit down comfortably and enjoy the most exotic Indian meal together.
Discover the flavors of a delectable Indian meal, a complete vegetarian affair to tingle your taste buds – the fragrant pearly peas pilaf, simple yet sublime curry made with seasonal fresh vegetables, classic Dal fry simmered with a handful of mild spices (or add some hot ones, if you like), Lassi, a rich creamy yoghurt drink and some easy yet, interesting Indian flatbreads.
A fun conversational, hands-on gastronomic journey with cultural insights brought to you by a native Indian in English language will certainly satisfy your appetite. And what’s better than taking
back a little Indian ethnicity to your own kitchen with recipe postcards and enjoy a fine dining experience with your family over Indian food.
So are you reserving your Sunday with us?  


Leitung:     Shabnam Shaikh, Post Graduate in HRM, startup enthusiast in kitchen & experiences,
                   mother of one child
Termin:      jeweils Sonntag, 10-13 Uhr
Kosten:      siehe bei dem jeweiligen Termin

Ort:            Eltern-Kind-Zentrum Gleisdorf - Gruppenraum

Info:          The exciting and delicious Indian menu will be different each date.


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Tel. 0664/333 8200   E-Mail

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